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Our prime sponsors that we work alongside to be able to create and share with you our best content and equipment to explore!

Ultimate9 is considered one of the largest throttle controller manufacturers in the world.  We run the EVC Throttle Controllers, LiveTrack GPS systems and battery monitors by Ultimate9 in all our 4WDs. The throttle controller make a massive difference to successfully completing obstacles on the tracks, from dampening down your throttle response for slow technical rock climbs to giving you that fast response and power when tackling beach runs or mud out in the bush. 
A set of TRED recovery boards are a necessity on all our 4WD trips to get us out of those sticky situations from the mud out in the Watagans to the sand of Fraser Island. We love TRED because it is an 100% Australian Manufactured, Owned and Operated company with the rugged Australian environment in mind.
Opus pride themselves on creating products that are both tough and luxurious, so it can handle the toughest Aussie conditions in comfort. With their superior off-road capabilities, hassle free set up, multi-award winning design and built using the latest air beam technology, you'll be set up in record time ready to take on the days adventures! A must have when exploring with the family!

 We can't go past Superior Engineering for our 4x4 Suspension, with their cutting edge designs, award winning products and patented innovations it's no wonder Superior Engineering has grown to become one of the largest and most well respected 4X4 accessories manufacturers and distributors Australia wide.

GME are the only Australian manufacturer of UHF CB Radios and EB products. 

They pride themselves on engineering and creating high quality and market leading products to suit specific requirement of their customers.
GME remains a family-owned private company, and is proudly 100% Australian.
We've been testing out their gear and we know you'll love them just as much as we do!

Darche is best known as one of the leading and much loved Australian brands in camping and outdoor. they live by the philosophy of innovation and quality, refining and developing new materials, designs and technologies that will service the next generation of outdoor adventurers and protect the environment that they love to explore. We can't wait to show you their products and why we chose to work with this incredible brand.

Goodyear tyres have been around since 1898 and are famous world over for being at the forefront of tyre technology. Whether onroad or off road, you can feel confident that there is a Goodyear tyre of the highest quality to suit your individual needs. We've partnered with Goodyear to show you why Goodyear should be the choice for you.